As summer arrives, the birds and bees take flight and love is in the air. Every couple knows it,

which is why June weddings have becomes so popular: the season itself exudes romance. This also makes June a month full of anniversaries. But what are you going to do to celebrate? Another boring bouquet? One more box of chocolates? All those presents feel done to death. So instead, why not actually do something for each other? Create something that both of you can enjoy together? Home renovations may not seem like the most romantic gift since they're so practical, but if your wedding is around the corner, a romantic renovation could relieve some stress about the impending nuptials. If you're already married with children, you may need to build a romantic getaway in your house. Or if the kids have already flown the coop, you may need to spark things up a bit, and nothing reignites the passion like a romantic home enhancement. 

Surviving Romantic Remodels
Remodels are tasks you can share and enjoy together. You're literally building a home, and a relationship, with one another. So whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor, nothing forms a better bond than a home project. Like in any relationship, sometimes you just need a change of scenery and a romantic renovation can provide this. Plus, you're building a future together, and tending to your house is part of that potential plan. Also, afterwards, you can actually enjoy the fruits of your joint labor. During the project, though it can be a testing and frustrating experience, it forces you both to improvise (a skill required in any lasting partnership) and you'll come out stronger in the end. 

Double Fixtures
For your anniversary, why not make something you can both share, simultaneously. Nothing is more romantic than an installation that's especially invented with two people in mind. Many of these fixtures are situated in the bathroom: normally the most unromantic room in the home, yet the one place with the most intimate potential. 
Jacuzzi: Install a relaxing Jacuzzi, jetted tub, or a tub-built-for-two. Share some quality time with one another as you soak away the troubles of the day. Or, a clawfoot tub could also add a rustic romance to the room. 
Dual Shower: Install an extra showerhead so you both can steal a few minutes away together. No more fighting for the shower and no more standing out in the cold while taking turns under a single spigot. But if you want a single spout, install a waterfall faucet. It fans water so both partners get coverage, and it creates a relaxing rainfall affect. 
Sauna: A sauna installation doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming, and nothing is "steamier" or more sensual. 

Outdoor Installations

Summer is a great season to spend some romantic time outside. Here are a few ideas on how to rekindle romance in the great outdoors: 
Fire Pit: They don't cost much ($50-100) and they're a perfect gift for a couple to share. They're easy to use and maintain, and there's nothing more perfect than a campfire. In fact, you can even share it with the kids when necessary: spend some quality time roasting marshmallows or telling some stories by the fire. 
Gas Fireplaces: Or, if you can to spend the money, a gas fireplace installation is great at creating a very chic yet old-fashioned appeal to your patio.
Hot tub: It's a financial investment, but it's also an investment in the future. There's nothing more romantic that gazing at the stars while taking a soak. Plus, it can be used year round. And it's great for family gatherings or neighborhood barbecues. 

Mood Lighting
It's all about atmosphere. It's not so much about what is in a room; it's more about how it's illuminated. And interior lighting is a quick and easy way to set a mood. Put up an elegant chandelier to create a sophisticated impression. Install some candle sconces that provide a lovely low light in any space. A dimmer switch can also offer a dusky feel while still giving you options. Or install a skylight in the bedroom to allow the moon and stars to shine on in as you cuddle in bed. And don't forget the exterior lighting, such as landscape spotlights, porch lamps, or luminaires.

Interior Design Accessories
Little embellishments can go a long way. By simply changing the indoor atmosphere, a room in the house can suddenly be turned into a bed and breakfast, a country cottage, or a mountain resort. Buy comfy pillows, some silk sheets, and a cushy comforter for total decadence. Maybe purchase a vase and arrange some flowers around the room. Possibly throw some artwork on the walls. Or better yet, finally frame those wedding photos and put them to use. With some simple interior design changes, your house can instantly be transformed into a weekend getaway.