Our Values

The Diakogeorgiou family has been dedicated to “housing” the dreams of young couples and families for over 45 years. We take great pride in upholding our high principles and values, which are at the core of everything we do.

Our goal then and
now is to provide
quality projects

As a process transformation company, we rethinks
and rebuilds processes for the digital age by combining
the speed and insight of design thinking with
the scale and accuracy of data analytics.

We believe that by establishing a strong foundation of trust and transparency between the constructor and the new owner, we can work together to achieve our shared vision transforming dreams to reality and thoughts in action. Our approach is centered around creating a cooperative and mutually beneficial partnership that enables us to bring our clients' dreams to life.

Acquiring a new private space is a lifelong dream and often requires effort and consistency from the new owner in order to reach to its purchase. With absolute responsibility and respect for this effort, the Diakogeorgiou family ensures the delivery of quality and aesthetically excellent works at reasonable prices that fully meet the modern needs of the owners, guaranteeing the conditions for a better everyday life.

We take a very serious and consistent approach to our construction strategies, making sure to align them with the Directives of the European Union and the relevant laws within Greece. Our focus is on delivering projects that showcase both high-quality aesthetics and excellent architecture, achieved through our careful selection of certified and modern materials that are designed to stand the test of time.

We would like to sincerely thank you for making us your first choice when it comes to construction. We are committed to maintaining our high level of passion and intensity as we work towards providing you with a lifestyle of exceptional quality, helping to make your dreams a reality. Thank you for trusting us to deliver on our promises.

Responsibility and Respect

Protecting the environment and promoting the standard of living are the basis on which we design and construct our projects, so that they serve the regular and harmonious living of people.

As a company we always make sure to comply with these standards with actions such as transplanting and planting the trees and gardens in the projects we deliver, the recycling of solid waste during construction, and using eco-friendly or recyclable materials in our constructions.

We care for the environment; we care for our home.


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