Bringing your future… home!

In K&V Diakogeorgiou your plans for the future become a reality. We have been active in the real estate sector for 45 years, increasing our portfolio of properties and consistently delivering high quality projects.

We cooperate with an excellent technical network that pioneers in the field of construction and continue to innovate, creating functional and safe buildings that follow the highest standards of specifications.

We understand that building a new home or buying new investment property is a significant investment, so we make it a priority to carefully listen to your needs and collaborate with you in designing a space that embodies your taste and fulfills your practical needs.

Purchase your new home from Blueprint Plans and watch it come to life step by step.

Investing in a property during its preparatory stage provides a remarkable opportunity for customization, enabling you to obtain a home that perfectly matches your preferences and requirements, while benefiting from a plethora of advantages.

The sooner you buy your property, the greater your ability to intervene and personalize your new living space.

Advantages of purchasing property at preconstruction level:

At an early stage the buyer can intervene architecturally in the space in matters of zoning by choosing the size and number of bedrooms and the layout of common and non-communal spaces.

At a later stage, the materials that will be used for the lining of the space can still be selected, such as tiles, doors, wardrobes, window frames and even the paint color.

Prefabricated homes are built with modern amenities and features, including amenities such as smart home technology and energy efficient facilities.