Smart Home - Smart Living

Feel the security and peace that your personal space should radiate with the help of technology.
Choose the construction and creation of a “smart” home in K& B Diakogeorgiou and make your life easier, safe and more pleasant.

Smart Start

Start your day perfectly by taking care of the finest details!
Imagine waking up every morning listening to your favorite music, the light gently bathing your bedroom, waiting for you hot water for your morning bath and the smell of your favorite coffee in the air, proof that the evolution of technology can spoil you!
Utopian? Totally feasible!

Smart & Safe

You don't have to worry about the safety of your property and your loved ones anymore. You have a “smart” guard next to you!
Now entering your space is literally a personal matter. Unlock the “smart” security system with your fingerprint. The “smart” security cameras detect every suspicious move by acting with predefined case scenarios, so you have total control of your home at all times.

Smart & Open - Close

Secure your space by closing the shutters of your home with one tap. As long as you are absent from your private space no one can open your shutters without your consent. Ventilate your space by simultaneously and automatically opening all the windows of your home on your return. Electrical mechanisms and systems facilitate your daily life by offering you services that upgrade your everyday life.

Smart & Heat

Take care of a welcoming home creating a friendly atmosphere for you and your guests, without your physical presence being necessary.
Program the ideal temperature from your mobile phone maintaining a stable environment and enjoy the tranquility of your home solving once and for all the issue of unwanted temperature in every season.

Smart & Light

Did you forget the lights on? Do you want your outdoor space to be automatically lit in the evening hours? No problem!
By installing the necessary equipment, you have complete management of your home lighting, resulting in the creation of the appropriate environment per occasion, while at the same time your space acquires a sense of security.

Smart & Save

Increase the efficiency of your home heating and cooling system by saving energy and money.
With the right equipment you have every moment the energy management of your home, without stress and unnecessary expenses.