The interest for Greek real estate market from Greeks and foreigners remains extremely high. Many of the future buyers treat the purchase of real estate as an investment product that, justifiably, they expect to bring returns, taking into account that compared to 2021, the value of real estate has increased by 15%.

In other words, while the purchasing dynamic decreases annually, the only value that rises is the value of Real Estate. In times of inflation the real estate market has always been a safe place.

Choosing Kallistos & Vasilis Diakogeorgiou, the purchase of property stops being a time-consuming and difficult process. After expressing interest and choosing to buy property, the prospective buyer is relieved of stressful bureaucratic procedures and the obligation to monitor technical work, saving valuable time for him and his family.

We undertake all the management of services and works of the property that are required with absolute responsibility and consistency, from the initial idea, to the architectural plans up to its practical completion. We are your ideal partner.

As a prospective buyer who wants to reach the coveted acquisition of a new home, you should think of and answer some questions, in order to create your purchasing profile and to be able to communicate to the cooperating construction company your needs and desires.
To begin with, the main question is whether it is an own use or an investment.
It is then necessary to examine the available capital for purchase and the ways of finding and disposing it (own funds, borrowing possibility).
Finally, if you are interested in the purchase of a private house, it would be advisable to seek information such as the desired type of house (house/apartment), the layout (one-room/two-room etc.), but also the area. We are at your disposal if you want to discuss what your dream home looks like.

One of the important factors in choosing your new home is finding an ideal area that will serve your daily needs and offer you the quality of life you desire. Are your responsibilities and work close to the city? Do you wish to reside just outside the noise of the city, but to be close enough when needed? Do you dream of a residence in a quiet decentralized area in a verdant environment? Undoubtedly, the choices are many and each desire is different.

The choice of the area for your future residence will determine initially the price and ultimately the daily life and the new life of its owners.

A frequent question that prospective buyers have is the delivery time of their new property. The estimated delivery time depends on the construction stage and the construction specifics required until its completion. Our company strictly adheres to the predetermined delivery schedules.

The earlier the new owner decides to buy the property (early stage of construction), the wider range of options there is. For example, he can determine the number of spaces he needs (spatial planning) or at a later stage, already existing configured space, choose the materials with which he will dress his new house (wood in the kitchen, marble or granite on the floors, etc.).

We design step by step the house that will perfectly correspond to the plans you have made for your future space. Share your idea with us, and we will make it happen!

Kallistos & Vassilis Diakogeorgiou construction company has over 45 years of experience in the field. Our many years of experience, our specialized team and our knowledge of the industry are a triple guarantee of success that promise quick and quality purchase of a property without any hassle.

Our company delivers high-quality aesthetic projects that fully meet the client's needs, strictly adhering to the pre-agreed schedule. We build trust relationships with the future owners of our properties.

The price of the property to be purchased is determined by a number of factors chosen by the interested buyer. We are in your disposal to find the appropriate payment method that will serve both sides, so that you won’t make any discounts to your dreams. Visit us to discuss your needs and explore all possibilities.