Kallistos Diakogeorgiou & Co Partnership was established by Kallistos Diakogeorgiou in 1977. It is one of the first companies on the island of Rhodes that was active in the Construction Industry. The new millennium brought new ideas and ambitious plans. In 2006 the company adds new, effective and dynamic staff, adopting even more synchronized construction methods and changes its name to KALLISTOS & VASILIS DIAKOGEORGIOU G.P.

Over the years our company has worked on various private projects always focusing on clients needs. With constant studies, planning and implementation of integrated solutions we achieved within the years to adapt to the rapidly increasing and expanding needs and demands of the modern family, handing over projects that comprise samples of high quality construction. After excessive market research we co - operate with only the best suppliers in order to select high quality materials with excellent style at a reasonable cost taking in consideration people’s needs. In association with worthy and experienced civil engineers, architects, lawyers, technicians, and property consultants we aim to provide our clients with proper and specialized services. All of our construction methods are in every way coincided with the guidelines set by the European Union and the relevant Hellenic national legislation, combining high quality, excellent architecture and class using certified, synchronized and durable materials. Environmental protection and high living standards form the basis under which we design and built our projects in order to fulfill a peaceful and happy life.

With our experience and our deepest respect towards you and your life’s goal to obtain a home which is a life’s dream, we promise to continue wholeheartedly our efforts to provide you with a qualitative way of life making your dream come true.


Our main offices in Rhodes

 Your house your life!