Home accents are furnishings, features and installations that enhance your home's décor and are usually

best when they mix decorative qualities and functionality.

Home accents can be anything from a fireplace to a clock, chandeliers to tiny candle holders. They are the backbone of any decorating style and the delicate skin of your home's interior. Home accents have become such an accepted category of interior design that individual items have become their own home accent category. Whether you're looking for a single item or an entire array of home accents, you can often benefit from the expertise of an interior decorator or a skilled artisan who can create custom-made accents. 

Accent Chair
Accent chairs are great finishing touches for your living room. Upholstered, canvassed and cushioned chairs are only a few of comfortable chair materials. Ottomans, chaise lounges and unique armless chairs are great ideas for interesting chair designs. Naturally, an accent chair should be comfortable to sit in and match your home décor, but certain chairs may be skewed in one direction or another. Accent chairs in a finished basement, rec room or game room should probably be geared more toward comfort, while chairs in the family room or sitting room, where they may not be used as often, may be geared more toward décor. 

Accent Table
As many kinds of accent chairs that are available, there are probably even more kinds of accent tables. Custom-made coffee tables can be an amazing centerpiece to your living room. They can be made from all sorts of decorative materials, or they can combine other home furnishing, such as a coffee table aquarium. What might be considered the original home accent (the hope chest) can also be used as a makeshift table. For the cerebrally inclined, a chess table might be the perfect accent table. An entryway bench is a great piece of furniture between an accent table and chair and is perfect for greeting people entering your home. Any number of table designs can be used to both display household items and provide extra storage.